Small Group Personal Training (included in all memberships)

The group training programming is our greatest innovation. In these training sessions you can enjoy the benefits of training in a group set, in a safe and controlled environment that will enable your personal development. These sessions, meant for groups of more than four people, will be supervised by qualified coaches who are genuinely interested in your progression.

Functional Movement Screen (FMS)

Aims to know your clinical history, your previous injuries, your training experience and your specific goals. Because our emphasis is on injury prevention and health optimisation, we are going to evaluate your movement competency and understand what are your main physical limitations and asymmetries. At the end you’ll receive a report of our Evaluation.

Metabolic Evaluation InBody770

We will use the InBody 770 Body Composition Analyser to collect accurate and complete information about your present metabolic status. Because the relationship between weight and height is not sufficient for proper body composition analysis, we will use the most advanced bioimpedance technology, the InBody 770 device (used in clinical research and with a correlation of 98.4% with DEXA ), in order to collect complete information about your current metabolic condition, and offer you professional guidance on the ideal body composition. At the end you will receive a report of our Evaluation.

TSC Evaluation 

The TSC Evaluation constitutes another hallmark of ours. It includes a Functional Evaluation, an InBody770 Metabolic Evaluation (described above) and a Visual Assessment which purpose is to keep a photographic record of your image for future comparison.

The Strength Clinic Evaluation and Program Design (TSC Semi-Distance)

Designed for people who cannot train with us but still wish to benefit from our programs. This service will have a minimum duration of three months and includes a TSC Evaluation, an individual training session per month (which will serve as intermediary evaluations) and an individualised Training Program to perform at a distance.

Functional Nutrition 

Designed for people in need of an individualised functional guidance regarding nutrition and who wish to improve their health, body composition and performance. In this context, we will conduct an InBody 770 Metabolic Evaluation and evaluate your eating patterns to determine what steps you should take to achieve your goals. Your progress will be tracked through follow-up sessions, which can also be performed via skype.

Private and Semi-Private Training

Designed for people with specific goals and / or in need a of more personalised support in their training process. We have two options available: private training (a coach for one person); and semi-private training (a coach for two or three people).

Physical Therapy / Osteopathy

Designed for people in need of musculoskeletal rehabilitation. With the emphasis on movement, posture and specific assessments, treatment is developed and implemented based on an approach that entails a progressive intervention from the physical therapy / osteopathy room to the training hall.

TSC Online Coaching

Designed for people in need of an individualised training program and who can not train with us in person. Follow-up at the nutritional level is also possible. The monitoring will be constant and carried out through an online platform with regular meetings via skype. This service will have a minimum duration of three months.

Exercise and Lifestyle Consultation
Designed for people seeking general guidance regarding their physical activity habits or training programs, as well as other lifestyle factors such as nutrition, sleep and social support. This consultation also includes an InBody 770 Metabolic Assessment that will help us identify areas for improvement and outline intervention strategies according to your objectives and possibilities.

TSC Corporate

Healthier and stronger workers will be more productive. This service is designed for companies that wish to try out our unique training system tailored to their needs and time schedule. This service will be designed on a case to case basis.

Open Gym

Available to all our active members (i.e. enrolled in our membership plans except for the trial month – TSC Trial 30 days).


For non-members who wish to join our group training sessions or to train during the OPEN GYM hours. This service is available by invitation only.

Special Programs

Designed for people suffering from a specific health condition, sports teams and professionals requiring a more demanding physical conditioning, such as police officials, firefighters and the military.

* Contact us to learn more about the service(s) of your interest.