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Co-founder and Head Coach

Nuno’s mission is to educate anyone who wishes to improve their quality of life and performance on sports and/or activities of daily living. His goal is to empower people with the capacity to maximize their genetic potential, based on a functional and holistic approach where physical training and nutrition stand as fundamental pillars.

Pedro Correia

Pedro Correia

Co-founder and Head Coach

Pedro’s mission is to help anyone who desires to improve their performance in sports as well as in all activities of daily living, always framed by a holistic approach that includes Movement, Nutrition, Mindset and Regeneration.

TSC Services

The Strength Clinic is a concept of health and strength that aims to improve the functional capacity of any individual.

Small Group Personal Training

The small group training programming is our greatest innovation.

Private and Semi-Private Training

Designed for people with specific goals and / or in need a of more personalised support in their training process.

Metabolic Evaluation INBODY 770

We will use the InBody 770 Body Composition Analyser to collect accurate and complete information about your present metabolic status.

TSC Evaluation

This constitutes another hallmark of our’s. It includes a Functional Evaluation, an InBody 770 Metabolic Evaluation and a Visual Assessment.


Designed for people in need of musculoskeletal rehabilitation.

Functional Nutrition

Designed for people in need of an individualised functional guidance regarding nutrition and who wish to improve their health, body composition and performance.

Events and education