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Pedro Correia

Pedro Correia

CEO & Technical Director

Pedro’s mission is to help anyone who desires to improve their performance in sports as well as in all activities of daily living, always framed by a holistic approach that includes Movement, Nutrition, Mindset and Regeneration.

TSC Services

We are a Training and Longevity Center that aims to optimize the health and performance of any individual.


TSC Private Training, TSC Semi-Private Training, Small Group Training, TSC Elite and TSC Semi-Distance. They aim to meet your development over time.

Online Coaching

Online individualized training and/or nutrition program, with video analysis and constant monitoring.

Physical Therapy / Osteopathy

In addition to addressing your current complaints or pains, the treatment plan will focus on the overall correction of your body starting with root problem in order to prevent recurrences.


We will outline an individualized nutrition program taking into account all the information collected and your personal goals.

Specific Assessments

Performance and Longevity Consultation, The Strength Clinic Assessment, Metabolic Evaluation InBody 770.

Online Training Consultation

It aims to clarify any doubts you may have regarding your training program and/or when performing any exercise.

Events and education