Food is the most intimate form of contact between the outside and the inside of our body. All the foods we consume carry a message to our cells, and this information can contribute to their proper functioning or deterioration.

With this in mind, nutrition consultations are a service that should be pursued by all individuals, and not only by those who want to change their body composition and improve sports performance. A diet tailored to one’s individual needs and characteristics works better in the prevention of many pathologies and dysfunctions. In the case of an already established disease, nutrition can contribute to a faster recovery or to slow its progression.

During the nutrition consultation, the nutritionist will collect as much information as possible regarding your life: your habits, namely sleep, exercise, daily routines and food, clinical and family history, observation of symptoms or physical indicators, evaluation of laboratory tests and whatever is most relevant to your case. Then, the nutritionist will proceed to your body composition assessment using an advanced bioimpedance technology, the InBody 770 equipment.

After the results of your evaluation, objectives will be outlined and your shortcomings, which may be related to food intake, sleep hygiene, physical exercise or lifestyle, will be identified. Finally, a meal plan will be outlined taking into account all the information collected and the objectives defined.

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