Physical Therapy and Osteopathy

Physical Therapy allows to develop, maintain and restore range of motion and functional capacity. Changes in movement and function are caused by a sedentary lifestyle, the practice of activities for which we are not prepared, pain, various injuries, diseases and aging itself. Having functional movement competency is a sign of good health.

Osteopathy allows to differentially diagnose, treat and prevent neuro-musculoskeletal disorders and other related conditions. Manual techniques, performed safely, allow improving physiological functions and / or regulating homeostasis. In this consultation, the individual is seen as a whole, where the muscular, articular, neural and visceral systems are addressed in an integrated way. Any dysfunction in any of these systems will affect the body’s balance, altering its overall well-being.

In the initial Physical Therapy and/or Osteopathy consultation, an interview will be conducted, in which we will try to obtain as much information as possible so that the most appropriate clinical reasoning for your case is developed. In addition to addressing your current complaints or pains, the treatment plan will focus on the overall correction of your body starting with root problem in order to prevent recurrences.

Our main objective is to return your functionality back and increase your longevity.

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Yes, anyone can make an appointment, however, there is a 10% reduction for our members. We also have an individualized physiotherapy treatment program available (TSC Physical Therapy 15 sessions), in which the value per session is reduced.

No, however, you can submit the consultations’ invoices to request a refund.

Consultations can be held from Monday to Saturday subject to the availability of the health professional and the office itself. To book your appointment, send us an email to or call us at (+351) 211 575 216 during our office hours.

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