Exercise and Lifestyle Consultation



The Exercise and Lifestyle Consultation at The Strength Clinic is aimed at people looking for guidance in terms of their exercise habits or training programs, and other factors related to lifestyle such as nutrition, sleep, social support.

Some examples of questions that you may see answered in this consultation are: what are the best exercises to maintain and/or increase lean mass?; how can I increase my physical capacity?; what program should I follow to improve obesity and diabetes markers?; what exercises can I do and which ones should I avoid to improve my back pain?; what factors in my lifestyle may be compromising my well-being and sports performance?; can I do strength training if I have shoulder or knee pain?

This consultation, which lasts 1h30m and requires the submission of a previous questionnaire, also includes an InBody 770 Metabolic Evaluation and a Movement and Mobility Assessment, which will help us to identify areas for improvement and outline intervention strategies according to the goals and availability of each person.

Duration: 1h30