The Strength Clinic Assessment



Would you like to start a physical training program and don’t know where to start? Would you like to check your current physical condition? Do you know if your body is properly prepared for the exercise/sport you are doing or the form of exercise/sport you want to start practicing? Would you like to receive a detailed analysis of your body composition?

The Strength Clinic Assessment (TSC) is our most comprehensive assessment with an approximate duration of two hours. Its purpose is to answer the questions aforementioned and understand if you have any limitations in terms of your movement competence (global and segmental) and at the level of several markers of your functional capacity that influence sports performance (stabilization in fundamental positions, general strength, explosive strength, relative strength and muscular endurance). This session also includes a Visual Assessment and an InBody 770 Metabolic Evaluation, which aims to collect detailed information about your body composition and current metabolic condition.

In this session we will also look at your medical and health history, various factors related to your lifestyle and your goals/availability, in order to suggest the way forward to achieve the results you are looking for in the safest and most efficient way.

Duration: 2h